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At Whistleblower Advocates, our lawyers have been representing and protecting whistleblowers, and exposing fraud and recovering taxpayer dollars through qui tam lawsuits under both state and federal false claims laws, for more than twenty years.

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The Right Thing To Do

Reporting fraud against the government is the moral and patriotic thing to do. Strong democracies and markets benefit from strong whistleblowers.

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Whistleblowers Like You

If you have knowledge and solid evidence of fraud or false claims against the government, we’d like to speak with you. Please contact us. Consultations are free and confidential.

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Whistleblowers By Industry & Sector

Fraud against the government costs American taxpayers billions of dollars every year. It’s a drain on our economy and an offense against our country, and whistleblowers can help. Reporting fraud is the patriotic thing to do—and can be rewarding too. If you know about a fraud involving government money in any of the areas listed below, or any other, we’d like to speak with you. Please contact us.


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