About Whistleblower Advocates

About Us

Our lawyers have helped whistleblowers evaluate and pursue their claims for more than twenty years. We’ve filed and won some of the largest and most significant whistleblower cases ever brought. And while we do not take very many cases, that’s deliberate on our part—so that we can commit our resources to your case.

Our Approach

We protect whistleblowers. We want to help. And our record testifies to the success of our approach, which is simple, effective, and proven: we will not file a case until we’ve thoroughly investigated it and we’re confident that it’s likely to be a winner. We also do our investigation for you at our expense, not yours.

Our Record

Our approach pays off. Because we bring strong cases, we have earned the trust and respect of government investigators and prosecutors. We have an excellent record persuading the government to intervene in our cases, which maximizes recoveries.

If you have knowledge and solid evidence of fraud or false claims against the government, please contact our whistleblower attorneys.
Consultations are free and confidential.