University of Chicago

Recovery Amount: $7 million

In December 2009, the University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) agreed to pay $7 million to settle qui tam, whistleblower-led claims alleging that UCMC had violated the Illinois False Claims Act by illegally “double-bunking” newborn infants in its neonatal intensive care unit—placing two babies in beds designed and designated for one, forcing the infants to share “set-ups,” which include oxygen and other bedside supplies, and then seeking payment from Medicaid for that egregious practice.

The whistleblowers were two longtime nurses in UCMC’s neonatal intensive care unit. They were represented by Whistleblower Advocates attorney Steve Cohen, and they received one of the highest percentage awards ever provided to whistleblowers under the Illinois qui tam statute. The case was prosecuted together with the Illinois Attorney General’s office.

Joint Amended Complaint
Settlement Agreement
Judge’s Order Denying Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss
Settlement Press Release

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