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Steven H. Cohen is nationally recognized for his representation of whistleblowers in qui tam cases brought under U.S. federal and state False Claims laws. He has investigated and prosecuted sealed and unsealed qui tam cases spanning the spectrum of fraud involving government program monies, including health care, government contracting, and federally insured financial institutions. In 2001, Steve founded the Cohen Law Group, where he dedicated his practice to representing whistleblowers in qui tam cases. Steve is a principal in the Cohen Law Group and is of counsel to the Chicago law firm, Hughes, Socol, Piers Resnick and Dym, Ltd.

Steve serves on the President’s Council of Taxpayers Against Fraud, the national public interest organization of whistleblower lawyers dedicated to combating fraud against the government and protecting public resources through public-private partnerships. Steve regularly speaks to industry, labor, academic and professional groups about the public-private coordinated anti-fraud enforcement efforts under the false claims/qui tam laws. At the request of the U.S. Department of State, International Visitors Leadership Program, he has made presentations to attorneys and legislators from around the world. Steve recently spoke at the OECD symposium on Global Fraud, Compliance and Whistleblowing held in Paris, France. He has also spoken about issues relating to the representation of whistleblowers, including a presentation entitled “The False Claims Act: Combatting Fraud on the Government.”

Steve was received the Lawyer of the Year Award from Taxpayers Against Fraud in 2008. He is also an Illinois Leading Lawyer (2014), and a recipient of the the  Jewish Service Corps, Partners in Justice Award (2014).

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