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We want to help you. And we are always looking for strong whistleblowers with solid information. If you think you have a case, please fill out the Questionnaire at the bottom of this page, which is the best way to help us determine whether we may be able to help you. Any information you submit will be held strictly confidential. Along with the Questionnaire, you can also send us additional documentation, particularly supporting documents, notes you may have made, or any chronology or narrative you have prepared. If you do send us additional documents, make copies and send us the copies, not originals. You can submit this Questionnaire and any attachments by our secure email. However, we cannot guarantee total security and confidentiality for anything submitted over the internet. If you’re concerned, please print your completed Questionnaire and fax it to us at (312) 604-2631

Before completing this Questionnaire, please review our Whistleblower Checklist.

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  • Please remember that submitting this form does not mean that we have agreed to represent you. While the information you have provided is privileged and confidential, we do not represent you until we enter into a written agreement.

    We will review the information you provide to determine whether you have a viable claim and make decisions about whether to accept your case. We conduct thorough investigations of the facts and the law. These investigations can be time consuming because we must analyze the facts and applicability of the False Claims Act to your specific potential claims.

    If there is a reason we must immediately review your Questionnaire, please let us know. As with any legal matter, the passage of time may affect your ability to assert your claims. Due to our thorough investigative approach and the number of inquiries we receive, we may not be able to assess your claim within your desired time frame. If our time constraints do not fit your needs, you should consult other counsel. Please understand that the statute of limitations for the False Claims Act can be as short as six years.

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