Public Works Whistleblowers

Highways. Bridges. Constructing and renovating government buildings. Government spends billions every year on these and other public works projects. Too many of these dollars are lost to fraud. The frauds committed against the government in this area include:

  • Bid rigging or collusion to frustrate competitive bidding
  • Billing for work never performed or good never delivered
  • Billing for defective products and services
  • Failing to comply with contract specifications
  • Charging time or materials used for one project to another (“cross charging”)
  • Making false statements to obtain, or keep, a contract
  • Inflating overhead costs or other expenses
  • Substituting inferior parts
  • Misrepresenting eligibility for Minority, Women or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs
  • Deliberate overcharging
  • Violating “Buy American” requirements
  • Double billing

Case Examples

A number of successful False Claims Act cases have been brought in this area. By way of example:

In 2008, Bechtel Infrastructure Corp. and PB Americas, Inc. agreed to pay $458 million to settle claims, including whistleblower claims, that that the companies violated the False Claims Act by failing to provide adequate construction management and quality assurances services in connection with the design and construction of the I-90 connector tunnel (the “Big Dig”) in Boston. Read more

If you have knowledge and solid evidence of fraud or false claims involving federally funded, or state-funded public works projects, please contact our Chicago whistleblower attorneys. Consultations are free and confidential.