How to File a Whistleblower Claim

While there are options available to file a whistleblower claim on your own, history shows that you are much more likely for a successful claim by using an attorney or law firm to help file your claim.

File a discrimination complaint if your employer has retaliated against you for exercising your rights as an employee. If you have been punished or retaliated against for exercising your rights under the False Claims Act, you must file a complaint with within 180 days of the alleged violation. The Whistleblower Advocates can help you get your claim filed appropriately and quickly to ensure you meet all federal guidelines.

If you are filing a complaint under other whistleblower statutes not relating to the False Claims act, the time limit for filing varies by statute. The time limits are highlighted in the interactive graphic below.

You may contact us to help file your discrimination complaint using either of these options:

  1. Online – Fill out our in-depth Whistleblower Questionnaire in order for our law firm to review the case, and determine if your case fits within the guidelines of federal whistleblower case. This is the preferred method, as it provides an extensive list of questions, and allows you time to really explain your answers and claims.
  2. Telephone – If you wish to call our office directly, a whistleblower support specialist can be reached at (312) 604-0099.

The following chart shows the False Claims Act filing deadlines, as well as deadlines for all types of whistleblower cases. Whistleblower Advocates is committed to directly dealing with the False Claims Act regarding fraud against the United States Government.